Priyansh Vyas

CS Graduate | Aspiring Developer


I am a computer science graduate from The University of Waterloo. I am passionate about all aspects of software development and am constantly looking to learn all sorts of new technologies. I enjoy collaborating with others and look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead.


Bachelor of Computer Science
University of Waterloo

APRIL 2017

Software Developer
VoiceBox Technologies

Developed an LED animation tool for a voice controlled smart device in order to aid UI/UX designers. Implmeneted an authentication system for smart device's companion app on the Android platform using Keycloak backend support.


Software Developer
Paytm Labs

Worked with machine learning engineers and data scientists to build a collaborative filtering based recommendation engine using Scala, Python, Spark and Hadoop. The engine featured customized product recommendations for over 28 million users.

JANUARY 2016 - APRIL 2016

Software Developer
The Weather Network

Designed and implemented two dynamic mapping prototypes using prominent tools and technologies such as JavaScript, WebGL, three.js and the Google Maps API. The prototypes featured vast improvements and cutting-edge innovation over the current radar maps implemented worldwide.

MAY 2015 - SEPTEMBER 2015

Software Developer
TD Bank Group

Was responsible for performing enhancements and bug fixes on various TD applications. Also collaborated with other developers to plan, develop and implement an online intake tool for the department's use.


Software Quality Analyst

Wrote automated regression scripts in Java, using SpringSource Tool Suite and the Selenium Browser Automation framework. In addition, HTML/CSS skills were enhanced through the use of Firebug and debugging web pages.

JANUARY 2014 - MAY 2014

Junior Business Analyst
Toronto District School Board

Worked and collaborated with developers and database architects to use prominent tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio and Toad Orace Database to enhance software practices. Executed and wrote multiple test cases before the release of each application, ensuring it was free of bugs.

MAY 2013 - AUGUST 2013


University of Waterloo Entrance Scholarship



Recieved this award for graduating with an outstanding average during the last year of high school.



The Weather Network Demo from Priyansh Vyas on Vimeo.

Copyright © Pelmorex Media Inc.

Dynamic Maps

A fun project that I got to work on at The Weather Network. It includes major improvements over the curent radar maps that are implemented world wide. It features minute by minute radar prediction and extremely smooth and fluid animation. Copyright © Pelmorex Media Inc


A web app that enables users to mark their geolocations for future reference or to send to one another for navigation. Implemented using Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL for the backend, while the frontend used the Google Maps API and Bootstrap.

WLP4 Compiler

Used semantic analysis and code generation to design a fully functional compiler for a small subset of C++. The compiler supports pointers, pointer arithmetic, integers and procedures.


A modified version of Tetris that uses the linux command-line to take in commands (e.g left,right,down,drop etc.) Implemented using X-11 graphics and C++, with various OOP design technqiues.

BBC Technology News Clone

A clone of the BBC Technology News section of the website done solely in HTML/CSS. (made from scratch)

Bash Testing Tool

A program made in Bash scripting that automates the testing of C/C++ programs using .in and .out files.



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